Oregon Timber Trail Race 300

Photograph by Gabriel Amadeus Tiller


The Oregon Timber Trail winds 680 miles along the spine of Oregon. A majority is singletrack and not for the timid. The 2023 race will occur on the southernmost 300 miles of the Trail.

Photograph by Conan Thai

The Route

Mountains, alpine meadows and forests, lakes, and views; this route has something for everyone.

Photograph by Conan Thai

The Rules

Move forward on your own power and with no outside support . Treat each other and the land with respect.

Photograph by Gabriel Amadeus Tiller


This route may be unfamiliar to many so here is some basic information to get you started.

Photograph by Conan Thai


Get into the weeds with other information about the Oregon Timber Trail and the experiences of racers in 2021

Photograph courtesy of Ben Handrich

Race Results

The Oregon Timber Trail Race was held for the first time in 2021 and under unusual circumstances. Here was the outcome.

Photograph by Conan Thai


Join the race this year. What else could you be doing in July that is more interesting? Oh, and its free.

Photograph by Conan Thai


Drop us a line if we can help you further. oregontimbertrail.race@gmail.com